Universal Field-Mount
Refrigeration Controller
with temperature sensors and pressure transducer kit
The intelliGen™ Field Mount (iFM) kit by Heatcraft is designed with YOU in mind.
Not only does it deliver reliable operation and performance you expected from Heatcraft, it is also designed with you, the user in mind – from installation and setup to service. The iFM kit can be remote mounted up to 40 ft from the equipment.
Key Benefits
Stay Connected.
Start Differentiating Your
Business Today
Pre-assembled hardware in durable water resistant case
Setup in minutes not hours with intelliGen™
Quick Start
Color-coded LED light bar displays your system’s status
Full-text user interface for easy diagnosis & service
Remote monitoring
with optional
webserver card
IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor applications
Connect. Control. Diagnose. Relax
Intuitive. Simple. Smart.
The intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller is an electronic control that delivers reliable operation and system performance. intelliGen helps reduce food spoilage by maintaining better temperature control and provides energy savings through optimizing defrosts.
• intelliGen™ detects when your system needs defrost, which
automates the cycles and saves energy.
• Optimizes cooling time throughout the fan cycling
• Quickly diagnose issues on your refrigeration system with
the intelliGen user-friendly interface.
- Text display and turn & press knob simplifies servicing and
reduces overall downtime.
- React immediately to avoid downtime.
• Save time with automatic data logging and download at no
additional cost.
Energy Savings
Operational Savings
ROI Calculator
Check your potential savings by
using the intelliGen™ Refrigeration
With the Webserver Card installed (iWC), you can monitor and receive alerts about your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
intelliGen™ not only stacks up to the competition – we outperform them with features designed to make your life easier.
*One webserver card supports up to 8 unit coolers in a system.
**Work with Heatcraft condensing units with intelliGen™ control wiring option added.
• More precise and effective electronic temperature control,
reduces temperature fluctuation
• Get to optimal temperature in minutes instead of hours
comparing to traditional mechanical control
• Eliminates ice build-up
Fresher and Safer Products
Receive Alerts by
Immediately Know When
Your Product is at Risk
• The Light bar alerts to issues which allows you to get help and
gives you peace of mind.
• Monitor and track room temperature locally or remotely on any
phone, tablet or laptop with a Field installable optional
intelliGen™ Webserver Card (iWC).
• Optional intelliGen Integration Card (iIC) allows connection with
Building Management System (BMS).
• Web
• Text (sms)
• E-mail
The user interface design allows the operator to immediately know when and where there is a problem and provides the contractor a user-friendly interface to install and service the unit.
Intuitive Design
Setup in Minutes, not Hours
Simple Setup
System configuration quickly guides technicians through each step.
• Guided quick setup.
• No wiring between condensing unit and unit cooler, when
controlling unit cooler only.
• Components factory mounted, tested, and calibrated.
Light bars with alerts
Quick menu buttons
Turn and press knob
Full text display
with alerts
Integrated User Interface
The user interface design allows the operator to immediately know when and where there is a problem and provides the contractor a user-friendly interface to install and service the unit.
Light bars with alerts
The light bar with alerts immediately shows the status of your system
Full text displays
Guided text instructions for setup. No more codes!
Turn and press knob
Quick navigate system configuration & servicing.
Quick menu buttons
Establish preferred settings and quickly make changes
Text (sms)
Free remote monitoring with webserver card
Optional add-on webserver card*
IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor
Compressor control for condensing unit**
Room/Box thermostat
Superheat control
Evaporator fan control
Air and electric defrosts support
Large LED light bar alert
Full text OLED display
Easy to rotate knob and push button navigation
Quick start configuration setup
3-level security protection
• Regional trainings
• Online Modules
• Heatcraft facility
intelliGen™ Certification
• 1 year extended warranty
• Free webpage listing
• Finance support
24/7 Support
• Round the clock support at
(800) 537-7775
• Spare parts shipped next day
Selling & Support Tools
• Payback calculator
• System selection tool
• Videos
• Collateral